Pohutukawa care and vehicle problems
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Written by Judi Gilbert   
Saturday, 13 January 2018

On the 30 & 31 December each new pohutakawa planted along the urupa boundaries got three litres of water. Of all the trees planted in autumn only one was chewed by rabbits but has made excellent re-growth. Three have died, possibly due to salinity, and, at the time of watering, only two showed signs of dehydration.

The image of wheel tracks in the basin behind the urupa were made between 30 & 31 December and is an area used by dotterels. No vehicles are allowed on the spit reserve but sadly it is legal for vehicles to be on the spit beaches. However, vehicles using the beach must abide by road laws. Yesterday, 12 Jan, we were rung about a motorbike hooning along the spit beach and doing doughnuts in the dotterel nesting area at the northern tip.

From the NRC website: Making a complaint

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