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Written by Steve Marshall   
Wednesday, 24 August 2005
  • Fill out the Tutukaka Coast Ratepayers & Residents Association's Ngunguru Sandspit questionnaire on-line.


  • Whangarei District Council Landscape Review Project
    "The Whangarei District Council is currently undertaking a landscape review project which will provide guidance for how we manage, use and protect the District's landscapes."

    The good news is that the whole of the sandspit, and a whole lot of land south of it, has been designated outstanding landscape of high natural character in the draft. As the council says, "The most important landscapes in the District have been classified as 'Outstanding Landscape Areas'. These are landscapes, which exhibit remarkable and visually dominant physical/natural elements, which help reinforce the distinctive identity of the District. They are largely a product of nature, uncluttered by man-made structures." You can make a submission online.

    Full-page ad in Whangarei Leader, 27 Sept, 2005

  • Become a friend and guardian of the Ngunguru Sandspit. Subscribe to the Friends & Guardians mailing list and be kept informed of developments.


  • Sophie Edwards' report on the community consultation meeting held on 5 October 2005.


  • Sneak preview of a full-page ad that will be place in the Whangarei Leader this tuesday, 27 September. It's just a proof copy, so there are still a few typos in it, but it gives you an idea what the final ad will look like. Click on the image to view a larger copy.

  • You can make a submission to local government.

  • Guidance from Forest and Bird about resource management. Handy stuff when you're writing a submission.

  • Yes, it's official. Here's a scan of a poster advertising an event planned for 28 May All hands on Deck - protest notice

  • Word is getting out that a Ngunguru Protest Float Down is being organised.

  • Print, sign and post off Akke Tiemersma's petition to protect the Ngunguru spit area (70KB)
  • TV3 capture of protest

  • TV3's news coverage of the protest: For dial-up (AVI, 6,672kb) and broadband (AVI 39,041kb)

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