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Kerikeri looks to localisation PDF Print E-mail
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Other Coastlines - Bay of Islands
Written by The Bay Chronicle   
Thursday, 05 June 2008

With the global threat of ‘peak oil’ and climate change bearing down, there’s a move to establish Kerikeri as a ‘transition town’.

"We want to engage people in inventing ways for Kerikeri to become a more resilient community," says Remi Dierick, one of a small group driving the new Transition Town Kerikeri initiative.

"At present, this town is – for the majority of its needs – dependent on far-off centres such as Auckland, Hamilton and even China.

"With the peak in oil production looming, these long supply lines don’t have a bright future ahead.

"Building a more resilient town means turning the cake around. Let us make the majority of our goods and services here, and only look for the special treats elsewhere.

"One of the keys will be re-localisation - more local food production, local manufacturing, more basic skills, even local energy production. This more local economy will also grow a stronger community life."

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