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Do you know the night-card man? PDF Print
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Articles - General
Written by Brye Blackhall   
Saturday, 16 February 2008

You'd need to be in Ngunguru and wandering around at night. With a big moon you might see him, dodging light from the street lamps, slouch hat pulled low. He looks right and left, seems afraid of something. He sidles along the waterfront pausing at a bridge. Looking again over his shoulder, he pulls something from under his coat, then Whap! He slaps a sticky night-card onto the concrete.

By the size and shape it might be one of those yellow Save Ngunguru Sandspit stickers, but it's too dark to be sure. We need more clues.

Night-Card man creeps along a private fence with a large yellow sign on it. Whap! This time its a round night-card stuck onto the sign -- and we can read this one, it says, "SOLD". That's a clue!

The yellow sign is another Save Ngunguru Sandspit message . . . maybe the Night-Card man is "sold" on the message. Hmmmm. Maybe he's just sold the fence? Has he just sold the Sandspit and is too shy to brag about it? Confusing. We need more information.

Following the shadows to another bridge, our midnight messenger reaches out, startles, then, Whap! Another bumper-sticker night-card and this time we can see that it says, "Develop our sandspit". There it is then, the concrete speaks! The Night-Card man is a kind of ventriloquist, brave in the dark, who pins his thoughts on stone and his hopes on sand.

But we're still puzzled. Ngunguru loves a good discussion -- reasons, logic, that sort of thing. With a friendly smile, Ngunguru waits for our chance to say, ahhhh, so it's you. Well then, let's talk about it.

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