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Human Interest - Local
Written by Harry Bielby   
Thursday, 04 October 2007

The TCRRA Annual General Meeting

Nobody could have been left in any doubt that this AGM was a great success. Saturday morning the 22nd Sept saw the Ngunguru hall filled to capacity. It was evident that our local ratepayers association is in good hands and great heart.

A solid record of achievement during the past year and a sound financial position. Chair Rebecca Pullman and Secretary Anna, together with their committee received well merited applause for all their hard work. Stalwart Dave Ashby ably presented the financial statements on behalf of Leonie Broome who sent her apologies from Vanuatu.

Rumour has it that Leonie and husband Bob were stranded on the runway at Vanuatu for an hour and a half waiting for take off because nobody could be found who was capable of counting the number of passengers on board. That figures. Not only does island time run slower than for the rest of the planet but it seems they also have a different system of numbering! Bob suggested that they unload all the passengers and then load them on Noah style, two by two, and then count up the number of twos and multiply by two.

the candidates were left in no doubt about which issues the local population is passionate about and top of that list was the sandspit.

A highlight of the AGM was the applause for Sophie, Ben, and their team, for raising over $100,000 and building the new playground at Ngunguru, much to the delight of local and visiting children. Could be a message for our politicians there – given the right people it is possible to complete projects on time, in budget and to a very high standard!

Rebecca, who is standing down, was thanked for all the time and hard work she has put into TCRR. That she is an able and popular ‘chair’ was obvious throughout the meeting. All the best for your new venture – a Cuban restaurant at Forum North – Rebecca. I’m sure those at the meeting will be among your customers.

With the conclusion of the AGM came the much awaited opportunity to “meet the candidates”. The numerous contenders for office at Regional Council, Health Board, Whangarei District Council and Mayoralty all had their turn to address the meeting and answer questions.

True to tradition on the coast it was all very civilized with each candidate getting a good hearing. That said, the candidates were left in no doubt about which issues the local population is passionate about and top of that list was the sandspit. ‘Nuf said – allow development of the ‘spit and heads will roll was the message. I’m writing this before the election so political correctness forbids me from writing about the political aspirations of the candidates. Heaven forbid that I should influence the voting in any way. Only the candidates are permitted to do that before the polls close.

I can record that our two coastal councillors, who are standing down, were present and both received a warm vote of thanks for their many years of work on our behalf. Robin, as befits a lady councilor, was presented with a bouquet of flowers. Robin and Frank are well known on the coast and have worked long and tirelessly for their constituents. True, they have not always agreed on how best to do that, and we are grateful that, unlike some countries, our politicians do not settle their differences with Russian built persuaders. But that said, we have been well served by both.

Without in any way suggesting voting preference – I’m still being PC here – there was one feature of the candidates’ presentations that that I would like to comment on. Early European visitors to these shores were always impressed by the great talent for oratory possessed by Maori people and their melodious voices. I can definitely confirm that none of that talent has been lost down the succeeding generations.

Hemi Horne and Mike Kake were a pleasure to listen to and when Mike finished his presentation with what we of the pale faces would call a song, there were many bemused pale faces in the audience. When he immediately repeated it in that same melodious voice in pale face language he brought the house down with huge applause! Mike and Hemi are great representatives of Tangata Whenua and did more for racial harmony than a dozen Government departments.

At the completion of the meeting Rebecca invited all present to stay for lunch provided by the good folk of TCRR. With tables groaning with delicious food and drink everyone finally left replete in mind and body.

They say there is no community spirit any more – ‘taint true out here on the coast as was amply proven on Saturday.
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