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Morning Report: Spit 
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Articles - Public Ownership
Written by Sean Plunket, Lois Williams   
Tuesday, 15 May 2007

8:53am, 15 May 2007 - The EDS says the Govt should be making greater use of the Public Works Act to save sensitive coastal land from development. (duration: 4′00″)

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Comments (4)
1. 15-05-2007 11:00
Re the Ngunguru Sandspit: I fully support the proposal of EDC for the Whangarei District Council to make the Ngunguru Sandspit a reserve. For New Zealand to continue to be a unique place in the world, it is imperative that we protect and care for our uniqueness. To lose the wilderness of the Ngunguru Sandspit to a housing development would be a national disgrace. I say, \"Come on Whangarei Council. Protect this land that is undeniably one of the country\'s most beautiful wildernesses.\" 
Gail King 
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2. 15-05-2007 11:18
Our coastal land is no longer useful becasue it is becoming too fragmented by developers......KEEP THE SANDSPIT AS CROWN RESERVE!
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3. 15-05-2007 17:13
Ngunguru Sandspit
Ngunguru sandspit does not need protection just for the residents of Ngunguru, but for all Northlanders, New Zealanders and world visitors. Places of calm, beauty, serenity and ecobalance are NOT for building houses on, but for the getaway-from-it-all that we all need from time to time and the thriving of ecosystems. It would be criminal to allow development of the Ngunguru sandspit and sadly neglectful of the Whangarei District Council to not declare the Sandspit a Reserve!
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4. 15-05-2007 18:00
Thinking futur
Good to hear that a designation of the sand-spit as a natural reserve site could mean the negiotiation of an actual value price for protectors, rather than the potential developers value of a shining 10 million... Though Pamela doesn't seem so keen, couldn't the wider community come to aid WDC? Come on NZ , this gorgeous place is not only national treasure but INTERNATIONAL treasure, the wilderness that the world comes to see, breath and film... think long term NZ, think eco-tourism, think beautiful diverse planet dotted with intelligent settlements/cities rather than a sprawling mass of secondary homes and motorways to get there faster... where faster once it's all gone?
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