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Bulldozers Move In Next To Ngunguru Spit PDF Print
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Articles - Earthworks
Written by NewsRoom   
Thursday, 14 December 2006

The Northland town of Ngunguru has been rumbled by bulldozers moving in to carve a road through native forest next to the Ngunguru sandspit.

The developer Landco has begun cutting out access routes to five house sites on the adjoining headland.

Landco says the work has all been approved by the Environment Court -and is unrelated to its plans for a village on the spit itself.

But a local resident, Wade Doak says Landco is destroying the integrity of a wild place, and the hopes of a community to save something precious, for future generations.

Landco says the forest clearance is being undertaken carefully and with sensitivity.

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Comments (1)
1. 02-03-2007 18:47
My mother has resided in Ngunguru for at least the last 10 years and i have visited fished and collected shell fish from the Ngunguru estuary and sand spit since i was a child, and it realy disapoints and angers me that developers want to take such a beautiful and very important part of the enviromental food chain as well as the significant historical importance and turn the Ngunguru sandspit into bloody high rise buildings. Some people must have rocks in their heads and are far to involved in lining their pockets. The sand spit is not a very big area and to strip it of vegitation which is important to nesting sea birds will make the sand move in effect eroding the sandspit. With the ever rising waters it won't matter how much the developers try to build up the sandspit it will all fall into the ocean, think about that before you purchase a section on the sandspit. The local Maori IWI of the area must be furious and i hope that the minister for Maori affairs is very vocal about this in parliment, the historical significance to the local Maori hisory and beliefs is very important to keep the culture alive. I now live in Australia but my mother keeps me well informed in the Ngunguru sandspit situation every phone call and i get more frustrated, so i just wanted to get on my soap box and let people out there know that your voice is being heard across the Tasman. Keep up the fight, never qui...
Jimi Timoko

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