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Saturday Morning Accord Reached over Sandspit PDF Print
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Human Interest - Quirky
Written by Webmaster   
Saturday, 01 April 2006
"We just woke up and found that we all agreed with each other", said a bemused Pat Heffey.

Almost overnight, residents of the not-so-quiet Northland coastal town of Ngunguru came to the realisation that an increasingly divisive local issue had simply resolved itself.

The accord came after quietly-spoken Whangarei District Councillor, Frank Newman, led a successful campaign to fund the purchase of the sandspit using donations from major landowners. "Property prices have been rising really quickly all along the coast. As landowners, we felt it was unfair to benefit from this asset windfall, while at the same time complaining at the erosion of our private property rights."

Whangarei District Council Mayor, Pamela Peters, was quick to declare the sandspit "outstanding landscape", and to name the new nature park Newman Spit in appreciation of the publicity-shy councillor's efforts.

LandCo spokesperson, George Hulbert, expressed his delight at the sandspit's purchase, and its new designation. "This vindicates what we've been saying on our website all along."

"The sensitivity of the site is acknowledged, with environmental assessments presently being completed to ensure future development enhances the ecological and cultural heritage features of the land. Planning for an ecological-based development has commenced with public consultation underway."
Local Ngunguru Coast Action Group (NCAG) spokesperson, Sophie Edwards, insisted that LandCo should at least be allowed to put up a few high-rise apartment blocks, "After all, most of us NCAG stalwarts have built houses on our side of the estuary. We're hardly in a position to say, 'This much and no more!'"

Chris Carter, the Minister for the Environment, welcomed the new accord, saying that he would no longer intervene in environmental issues, "Government intervention solves nothing. Local solutions for local people."

The Prime Minister, Helen Clark, was invited to open the park on 1/4/2007, and to lead a tramping party around its tsunami-proof elevated walkways. She declined, saying, "Don't you know there's a rugby game on TV that afternoon?"

Wade Doak, a local environmentalist, was overjoyed at the return to the sandspit of breeding pairs of flying pigs—not seen in the area in living memory.

...But by afternoon, the accord was starting to fall apart.
Read more at:'s_Day.
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