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Other Coastlines - Haumoana
Written by Bruce Ansley, The Listener   
Tuesday, 28 November 2006

LOW TIDE: The wall of one-tonne concrete blocks protecting Haumoana's beachfront homes had no chance against the sea. Waves crashed over the roofs of houses, dumped deep drifts of gravel, flooded low-lying buildings, and left a cottage teetering.
Pic By Sarah Bicknell, Hawkes Bay Today

As the sea-level rise accelerates, Kiwis living by the beach need to give serious thought to how they will deal with the threat.

The full text of this article appears in the NZ Listener
(December 2-8 2006), on sale now.

The sea hit soon after the witching hour, when Mike Rees was asleep.

Rees slumbered through the turmoil. He is used to noise. His home in Granity on the West Coast is squeezed between mountains and sea. All night coal trains from the nearby mine thunder past on one side and the grey Tasman rumbles on the other.

When he did get up, my, says Rees, “it was horrendous”. The stopbank had gone. His bridge to the beach, where once stone-pickers gathered smooth, bright stones for the market, had vanished. His seaside home was not far off seagoing.

Sand and debris covered his vege garden and lawn right up to his coalbox and agapanthus. “It was a mini-tsunami. The force of it! There’s one consolation, though; I haven’t got so much lawn to mow.”

The full text will be available online on Dec 16, 2006.
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