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Old photos at the Ngunguru Library PDF Print
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Human Interest - Local
Written by Margaret Blackhall, Adrian Gilbert, Steve Marshall,   
Monday, 18 September 2006

A large collection of old photos have been added to the photo gallery. The original photos are held by the Ngunguru Library, which retains the copyright on them. The photos are reproduced here with its permission. If you wish to make use of any of these images please contact the Ngunguru Library.

Click on "Read More", below, to check out the notes that accompany the photos. If you have any information to add to these notes, please send NCAG an email.

NGUNGURU - Early History

The following were notes found appended to some early photographs of Ngunguru and Kiripaka.

A 15 - Ngunguru River and Waiotoi Creek junction - now Ewen Street, Ngunguru

A 16 – Ngunguru School

A 17 – “Goodbye Corner” on the Ngunguru – Tutukaka Road, just up from the metal heap (from inscription on photo)

A 19 - ???

A 20 - ???

A 21 - Scow “Success” leaving Ngunguru

A 21 – Scow “Success” leaving Ngunguru

A 22 - Tuhaia Kerepeti in his sailing dinghy

A 23 – aerial photograph taken from 7,500 ft showing head of Ngunguru Sandspit and the Ngunguru to Tutukaka Road

A 25 – Ngunguru River and Waiotoi Creek junction - now Ewen Street, Ngunguru

B 0 – Ngunguru Hotel site

B 00 – Family in front of house ???

B 1 – Gentleman feeding poultry ???

B 2 – Dinghy hewn from log – note flax anchor rope (from inscription on photo)

B 3 - ???

B 4 - ??? where was this Norfolk Island Pine ???

B 5 – Ngunguru School, Te Maika Road

B 6 - Ngunguru School, Te Maika Road - what year ??? what event ???

B 7 – Captain Shoebridge’s house; Shoebridge Crescent

B 8 – Group of schoolchildren – which School ???

B 9 – Two houses – who lived here ???

B 10 – “Miners Right” – Charles Mitchell’s gold mining licence, issued on the 7th September, 1874, valid for one year. Cost: One Pound.

B 11 – Kiripaka – about 1900 (further inscription on photo)

B 12 – similar to B 11: Kiripaka – about 1900.

B 13 – J. Harris & Son: Kiripaka Butchery. “On the left bank, near concrete bridge” (from inscription on photo)

B 14 – Ngunguru River ???

B 15 – Pioneer Cottage before 1900. From left to right: Louis Armitage, Teddy Armitage, Louis Philip Armitage, Helen Armitage, Kate Armitage (afterwards Mrs. J. Harris) (from inscription on photo)

B 16 – Sunday tennis at “High Royd”, the Harris homestead, early 1900’s (from inscription on photo)

B 17 – “Black Diamond” loading coal from Panapo

B 18 – Captain Shoebridge and the “Tui”

B 19 – Steam Tug towing Coal Barge ???

B 20 - Entrance to the Kiripaka coal mine

C 0 - Ngunguru Beach by Boat Ramp

C 0 – Ngunguru Beach by Boat Ramp. Taken on Whangarei – Matapouri – Hikurangi Tourist Bus trip, 1953 (from inscription on photo) Opposite Ngunguru School, Te Maika Road

C 00 - Race Day at Ngunguru Sportsground, Waiotoi Road (from inscription on photo)

C 1 – Kiripaka Mines (from inscription on photo)

C 2 – Rail bridge, Kiripaka

C 3 - ???

C 4 - ???

C 5 – The Ngunguru Hotel in 1920 when it was run by Ted and Helen Armitage (from inscription on photo). Was situated just south of Tongatu Road on the Ngunguru River

C 6 – Tuhaia “Kerepeti – Chief of the local Maoris” (from inscription on photo)

C 7 – Ngunguru Residents (early 1920’s). Mahunga, Fred Gilbert, Kerepiti, Toby (from inscription on photo)

C 8 – Paratene Te Manu

C 9 - Tuhaia Kerepeti with ???

C 10 – Two children on a horse - ???

C 11 – The Ngunguru Hotel

C 12 – Man on horse outside Shoebridge Crescent, near Captain Shoebridge’s house

C 13 - Louis Armitage’s improved Store and Billiard Room (from inscription on photo)

C 14 – Construction workers’ huts at bottom of incline of Ngunguru coal mine (from inscription on photo)

C 15 – Pioneer Hut (Clay floor) about 1900. Louis Philip Armitage, co-discoverer, with his brother, of the Kiripaka Coal. On the right is daughter Nellie afterwards Mrs. W. Bond (from inscription on photo)

C 16 – Louis Armitage’s first Drapery Shop run by his wife Chrissie (nee Callaghan). The flags were put on the tree when news came through of the “Relief of Mafeking” (Boer War). (from inscription on photo)

C 17 – Homestead on river bank – whose and where ???

C 18 – Steam Tug “Tui” towing Coal Barge, Ngunguru River ???

C 19 – Kiripaka School. The photographer started school here at the age of 5 in the year 1900 – Mr. Armitage (from inscription on photo)

C 20 – Pupils and Teacher, Kiripaka School, 1923

C 21 – The first Schoolmaster at Kiripaka. Tom Rogers (left) with Edward Armitage (from inscription on photo)

C 22 – The scow “Success” loading Fireclay Left Bank (from inscription on photo)

C 23 – Rugby team ???

C 24 – Kiripaka School, 1934 (from inscription on photo)

C-E 25 - Kiripaka School

D 1A – Group on verandah ???

D 2A – Coal hoppers, South Bank, Ngunguru River

D 3A – Loading coal, South Bank, Ngunguru River

D 4A - Loading coal, South Bank, Ngunguru River

D 5A – Mining operations ???

D 6A - ??? Group standing by Coal Skip

D 7A - ??? R & M on a Coal Skip

D 8A – Coal skip, Kiripaka

D 9A – ??? Waterfall

D 10A – The tramway from the Panapo mine followed the left bank and crossed the river on this bridge and then down to the Hoppers on the right bank (from inscription on photo)

D 11A – The Hoppers. Right Bank. The scows could be “Alert” and “Hazel Repton”. (from inscription on photo)

D 12A – Kauri logs, Ngunguru River foreshore

D 13A – Kauri logs, Ngunguru River foreshore

D 14A – Sawmill, Waiotoi Creek

D 15A – Kauri logs, foreshore, Ngunguru

D 16A - Kauri logs

D 17A - Kauri tree ready to be felled, bullock team hauling log. 14 October 1897.

D 18A - Bullock team hauling logs

D 19A - Bullock team hauling logs

D 20A – hauling logs, Waiotoi Valley

D 21A – Vessel number 1109 - ???

D 22A – House and shed on Barge - ???

D 24A – Pit Sawing (from inscription on photo)

E 1A – sawmill, Waiotoi Creek

E 2A – Bullock team on the Ngunguru River foreshore

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