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The society's mission is to support protection of the natural, cultural and historic values of Ngunguru sandspit so it is enjoyed, valued and cherished now and by future generations.

This website is kept updated with short articles, links, pictures and other material.

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"...Those people point out a fact that is often overlooked by those of us who live here - that endless kilometres of undeveloped coastline and vast areas of native bush where one can feel complete solitude are unheard of in many parts of the world. It is the quiet atmosphere of the place that makes it such a treasure."
Northern Advocate editorial: Northland naturally worth visiting - and saving.

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Featured Article

Sunday April 23 2017 Ngunguru Sandspit Walk

Yours to value and enjoy, Ngunguru Sandspit, a wilderness landscape with many stories to tell about history, culture, rare plants and wildlife. Get involved in the future of your sandspit, your place.

Rolling start time: 10am-11.30am.
Last return time: 12.30pm.
Meet at Te Maika Rd, Ngunguru.
Register at the marquee.
Bring your own kayak, canoe, paddleboard, tinny.
Ferry boats provided, bring a small koha.
Bring a lifejacket.
Leave the dog at home.
Help us clean the beach.

Posted by Steve Marshall on Tuesday, 14 March 2017
Key Resources
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Landco is the most recent development company to turn its attention to the sandspit and Whakairiora, but it's certainly not the first. The area has been in a tug-of-war for the last 45 years or so between private and public interests. Check out the following resources to learn the history of the place, understand the current situation, and think about some possible futures for the site.


Sandspit Timeline
Pat Heffey's chronological account of important events in the history of the sandspit, regularly brought up to date – 1838 to 2013.

The Ngunguru Sandspit and the protection of wahi tapu
A case study written in 1996 by the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment. Looks at efforts in the early 90s to get the sandspit into public ownership and protect its cultural, historic and natural heritage.


Values of the Ngunguru Sandspit
An item about the sandspit's values and the society's purposes.

Close Up: Sandspit Fight
A TV1 item about local reaction to LandCo's proposed development of the sandspit.

Fight for the beaches
A Listener cover story, written in late 2005, about local reaction to LandCo's purchase of the sandspit.

Ngunguru Spit and Whakairiora
Chris Mulcare's summary of events and human pressures on the land.

Values of the Ngunguru Sandspit.

So many reasons to save sandspit
A Northern Advocate editorial by Laura Franklin, summarising the issues related to the sandspit.

2007 and 2008 - from masterplans to landswap attempts
An extract from Ngunguru Sandspit: Values, community and property on the Northland coast.

DoC's "Ngunguru Sandspit - Pī Manu" page
Information from the Department of Conservation about the parts of the Ngunguru Sandspit that are in public hands, including updates on consultation with locals on how it is to be managed.


Ngunguru Spit Subdivision
A New Zealand Herald article by Gary Taylor, chairman of the Environmental Defence Society, explaining why the sandspit is unsuitable for development and recommending that it be put into public ownership.

...if you can't afford a coastal property now, perhaps you could buy one a bit further away from the beach and wait. -Martin Craig, Consumer

Shifting Sands
Raewyn Peart surveys the last sixty years in coastal development and explains why a New Zealand Coastal Commission is now required.

Protecting the Coast
We finally have a beefed-up coastal development policy but more work needs to be done to protect our special beaches.

Coastal erosion
A 2005 Consumer magazine report by Martin Craig looking at what's causing coastal erosion, how bad the problem really is, and what affected homeowners can realistically do.

“ consequence of the world becoming increasingly inter-connected will be to reverse a fundamental principle of economic development, namely that people move to places where jobs are located. ...I believe the opposite will become increasingly true: jobs will emerge where people choose to live. As a result, in the future, the truly successful communities will be those that invest not in attracting businesses, but in making themselves the nicest possible place to be.” Jonathan Schechter, The Charture Institute

Napier hospital site sections up for grabs PDF Print
User Rating: / 3
Articles - Todd Property Group
Written by The Dominion Post   
Friday, 20 December 2013
NEW DEVELOPMENT: The view from Hospital Hill is stunning.

The first sections at the new Napier Hill residential development on the landmark site of the former hospital site have gone on the market this week.

Todd Property Group bought the site in 2011 for development.

The sale of the facility returned $5.1 million to the Hawke's Bay District Health Board, much of which would be spent on the region's new mental health inpatient unit, now under construction.

Todd group's managing director, Evan Davies, said it was exciting to see the Hospital Hill site, which had sat vacant for 15 years, gradually being transformed into a unique and appealing new residential community.

"We are really pleased to be able to offer people a stake in this remarkable new development that will revitalise the entire area and community," he said.

Full story...

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