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Written by Steve Marshall   
Thursday, 27 June 2013

Hello Full Members and Friends

We of your Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society committee had our last formal communication with you via newsletter just before Christmas.

However we enjoyed catching up face to face with many Friends and members of the public through our attendance at important community events including the Ngunguru Fair and Matapouri Gala where we raised awareness about the Sandspit.

Now itís time to share an update and a cuppa at our AGM. We warmly invite you to the AGM on Saturday July 6 at 2pm in the Ngunguru Memorial Hall.

Make a date with us!

Learn more about the importance of our Ngunguru Sandspit at the Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society annual general meeting at 2pm on July 6 in the Ngunguru Memorial Hall.

A key component of the AGM will be to update people on what NSaPS have been doing and for the community to show support for the protection and preservation of the spit.

Also on the agenda will be an overview of work done by the committee on behalf of the public and their sandspit including submissions, public awareness and community education events and projects, furthering and cementing relationships, and last but not least updating an online timeline of activity.

Tangata whenua, Full members, Friends and the public are welcome at the AGM. The sandspit is mostly in public ownership since 2011 when the Department of Conservation acquired much of the land from private property developers after years of lobbying by the Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society. The society's mission is to support protection of the natural, cultural and historic values of Ngunguru Sandspit so it is enjoyed, valued and cherished now and by future generations.

Mural, mural on the wall

Test your knowledge

(Answers, end of newsletter)
  1. Which sandspit is the last undeveloped one of its type on Northlandís east coast?
  2. Ngunguru Sandspit is home to how many species of threatened and seriously at risk plant and fauna?
  3. A very large battle was fought on Ngunguru Sandspit in what year?
  4. Name tangata whenua who regard the Ngunguru Sandspit as wāhi tapu.

Itís (eco)logical

As well as from a cultural and historical perspective, the sandspit has ecological importance. It supports a high diversity of plant and animal species reflecting the wide diversity of habitat types. Present are over 15 species of threatened and seriously at risk plant and fauna species. Here are three:

  • the coastal sand-binding plant known as pīngao,
  • the New Zealand dotterel
  • the third largest population of a small snail known as Succinea archeyi

Submissions wide and far

The Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society has made submissions to local and central government over the last year on topics from vehicles on beaches to inappropriate development in fragile landscapes to cleaning up Northland waterways.

Submissions have included to:

  1. Northland Conservation Management Strategy
  2. Draft Annual plan
  3. Resource Management Act Amendment Bill discussion documents
  4. Regional Policy Statement

Time moves on timeline

From 1838 to 2013: itís been a massive job, and now a Sandspit timeline has been brought up to date and is available for viewing live on our website. Pat Heffey's chronological account of important events in the history of the sandspit is regularly brought up to date.


DOC is working with tangata whenua and the community to develop a shared vision of how to care for the sandspit for future generations to respect and enjoy. Weíve enjoyed closer relationship with DOC, including attending the official opening of new DOC office in Whangarei. For more on DOC and the sandspit, go to Ngunguru Sandspit - Pī Manu

Remember, diary a date!

If you are enthusiastic about the management of our spit, want to show you care about and support this defining character of our community, then our AGM on Saturday July 6 at 2pm in the Ngunguru Memorial Hall is for you! See you there.

Answers: Test your knowledge.

  1. Ngunguru Sandspit is the last undeveloped sandspit of its type on Northlandís east coast.
  2. Ngunguru Sandspit is home to at least 15 threatened and seriously at risk plant and fauna species.
  3. A very large battle was fought on Ngunguru Sandspit in 1838.
  4. Ngunguru Sandspit is regarded as wāhi tapu by tangata whenua Ngati Taka, Te Waiariki and Ngati Korora.

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