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Whangarei District Council Media Summary PDF Print
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Articles - Local Government
Written by Whangarei District Council   
Saturday, 01 July 2006

...for week 1 April 2006 to 6 April 2006
Tue. 2/5 Whangarei Leader, p7 (Letter to the editor)
Pat Heffey calls for “constructive input” from the public into the Landscape Review meetings, rather than “misinformation, lack of misunderstanding (sic), criticism and grandstanding” she has witnessed at recent meetings.

...for week 10 April 2006 to 15 April 2006
13/4 Northern Advocate, p6 (Letter to the editor)
John Muller says Ngunguru sandspit should not be developed; any houses built on it would just fall into sea after a cyclone, plus there’s a sacred mountain right next door.

...for week 24 April 2006 to 29 April 2006
Mon. Northern Advocate, p6 (Letter to the editor)
Professional engineer Stephen Townley says that while the sand of Ngunguru Sandspit could be built up it would be “folly” to do so without appropriate planning and design – something he says if Council does not do, then ratepayers would have to pick up the significant bill in the aftermath.

...for week 8 May 2006 to 13 May 2006
Thur. 11/5 Northern Advocate, p3
Northland Federated Farmers puts out submission against Landscape Review Project using a Council letterhead — Council is not considering legal action, but other organisations (e.g. Ngunguru Coast Action Group) says the use of the bogus form by the Federated Farmers is “an outrage” and "an attempt to confuse the public”.

...for week 15 May 2006 to 20 May 2006
Tue. 16/5 Whangarei Leader, p2
Majority of public submissions received about Landscape review project seem to indicate Whangarei district residents are satisfied with the protection measures already in place, and want little change.

Tue. 16/5 Whangarei Leader, p10
WDC responds to Northland Federated Farmers’ accusation that WDC is trying to “steal” land, with Ann Midson saying the council cannot take land. Some Ngunguru residents are unhappy with NRC Cr Ian Walker’s “misrepresentation” of NRC position on the landscape review process.

Wed. 17/5 Northern Advocate, p6 (Letters to the editor)
Franz Iseke concerned at the way NRC is managing its coastal functions; suggests that if NRC will not listen to what the communities are saying, that some of its function be dismantled and given to some body (implies WDC) which is more responsive to community wishes.

...for week 29 May 2006 to 03 June 2006
30/5 Whangarei Leader, p7 (Letter to the editor)
Frits Visser says that, despite assertions to the contrary by WDC, Council will take control of land under the Public Works Act, and strongly objects to the Landscape Review Act, which he believes will cause “thousands of landowners to lose their land”.

1/6 The Report, p5
Forest & Bird says WDC is not fulfilling its legal obligations to protect significant native trees on private land – F&B has made a submission to LTCCP.

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