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SNS / NSaPS Chairperson’s report to the 2011 AGM… PDF Print
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Action - Events
Written by Mary Britton, chair, Ngunguru Sandpsit Protection Society   
Thursday, 01 September 2011

Last year I reported to you on our approach which saw us supporting both the government and the landowner (formerly Landco) in their efforts to sign off on the deal which would see the Ngunguru Sandspit in safe hands.

This year our role has been to:
  • lobby local, regional and central government to secure the Ngunguru Sandspit in safe hands

  • keep our sandpsit in the “hearts and minds” of New Zealanders

  • and to educate and encourage the conservation of animal and plant life on our sandspit and in the eco system around it

I’d like to share with you some of the activities we have managed on your behalf and to acknowledge some of the key people who have made delivery on these key tasks possible.
Every year we make submissions to the LTCCP and/or the Annual Plan (s) of the WDC and of the NRC.

(Show slides).

I’d like to thank Beth Neill who leads the NSaPS submission writing process. Sometimes it is hard to get WDC and NRC to listen to us! But the key is to read and understand their plan(s) and to find just the right way of “speaking into” what they are trying to do – and encouraging them to understand that what we want and what they want are the same so that they will work harder to help us. Beth is a genius at submissions, so I’d like to thank her.

I’d like to thank Scott Brooks who has joined the team at SNS this past year. Scott is responsible for our “re-branding”, for the design of the cards, the facebook campaign and the new look bumper stickers. He has brought the image which we show the world up to date and he has given vary generously of his time ( and considerable expertise ) to help us SaveNgunguruSandpsit ! So thank-you Scott.

I’d also like to thank Steve Marshall who manages our facebook page and many of our interactions through the www. Without him we would have “crashed” many times! He has been instrumental in getting our new campaigns up and happening.

Our education role brings us to a raft of activities which see us interfacing with the community at large. This year we organised (thanks to Rick Bazeley) a walk ( below mean high tide mark so as not to trespass!) on the Sandspit which saw people from around the Whangarei District walking the beautiful ocean beach on the far side of the spit, picking up rubbish as they went, being greeted and offered a karanga by Emma Cribb. Thank you Emma. I’d also like to thank Dive!Tutukaka who brought a truck to collect and dispose of all of the rubbish we collected.

Dive!Tutukaka also keep the facebook campaign cards handy , offer bumper stickers and sign people up as ‘friends’ for us. I’d also like to thank Salt Air café and Go GO Expresso in town who collect money for us all year round.

Around New Zealand bird counts are conducted at regular intervals throughout the year to monitor and manage bird populations. In the education and conservation department we have stepped into more involvement with counting birds on the sandpsit this year and I’d like to thank Darlene Buckley who is our leader for this activity. Darlene is also an integral cog in the wheel of eco system thinking for the whole of the Ngunguru Estuary.

Our links to other organisations, our networking and our ability to keep our eye on matters of change or compliance, planning and resource permissions remain vital planks in both our strategic thinking and our actions. Judi Gilbert is the lynchpin of these key tasks and the chief cheerleader for Ngunguru Sandspit at Northland Conservation Board. Judi also networks with all the key people who can serve this cause as eyes and ears for the sandpsit ensuring that whatever is happening out there we get to know in a timely fashion, and get into action to advocate and lobby for our “safe hands” approach. Thank-you Judi.

I’d also like to thank Gloria Bruni. There are numerous tasks and occasions large and small which make up the whole story of the business which we all do on your behalf every year. I would not be able to do this job ( chairing the executive ) without Gloria. I count on her in innumerable ways. So thank you Gloria.

Sophie Edwards sometimes shrugs her shoulders and says “ what do I do ? “ when people thank her for being a part of this group. So I’d like to answer that question, what does Sophie do? Well Sophie hosts our monthly meetings, she attends workshops and seminars on our behalf, she supports the team making submissions , she liaises with the Ngunguru school to bring that next generation into the loop. She is our Whaea, she is our kaumatua, we rely on her wisdom and tenacity at all times! So thank-you Sophie.

All of these thank yous bring me to one more. Anne Patrick has been the treasurer of this organisation for many years. Anne keeps our records straight, and nags and encourages us all to get the small but essential tasks of sound money management completed in a timely fashion. It is not always easy!

When I arrived onto this committee Anne was already indicating her desire to step down from that role. We have finally, with reluctance, allowed her to do just that! So let’s thank Anne too as I hand over to her for the Treasurer’s report and audited accounts.

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