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Art Exhibition: "On Location" PDF Print
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Written by Press release   
Friday, 03 June 2011

Exhibition poster


The exhibition On Location by artist Anneke Muijlwijk is an exploration of social and psychological relations to landscape and place to address issues of identity, environment and belonging. The art work in this exhibition draws on the proposed development of the Ngunguru Sandspit, a precious piece of coastal land, where she lives and has connections with the local community. The complex arrangement of watercolours aims to communicate the different realities and dynamics of the people engaged in this local issue. They honour the diversity as well as depict commonalities amongst human behaviour of the stakeholders involved.

About the artist

Drawing and painting has always been part of Annekes life. At High school an artistic career was not considered to be suitable and instead she had been encouraged to study a proper degree. Once immigrated to New Zealand it was easier to further her art and she made the most of all the opportunities that were available in the community. Although juggling family, work (she has a busy counselling practice) and the pursuit of her artistic interest can be hugely challenging, she believes the three also feed each other and help her to keep a balance in her life. Her style has varied enormously over the years, reflecting the diversity of her tutors and life experiences. Recently she has finished her Master Fine Art and has been accepted to two Artist-in-Residencies for which she is heading off to Portugal and Spain in August and September this year.

About her art work

Apart from drawings and paintings, she has done sculptures, photography, film and printmaking.

In her current art practice, Anneke draws on knowledge she has gained in the fields of Human Geography, Town Planning and Social Sciences and as a consequence her art work has a more conceptual feel and is influenced by international contemporary art.

She is interested in relationships between people and place and the sentiments of a community which is facing change. In particular the place of home intimately connected to local, cultural, political and environmental issues is explored. Sometimes in complex arrangements of watercolours she aims to communicate the different realities and dynamics of the people engaged in local issues. These honour the diversity as well as depict commonalities amongst human behaviour of the stakeholders involved.

The decision to create blank space within the images, and to democratise the works somehow also indicates a particular awareness and sensitivity to the viewers approach to the worksit provides space for thinking, relating, editing; ways for the viewer to arrive at his or her own interpretations and readings, reinforcing the artwork as synthesis of individual realities and truths brought together by a particular circumstance.

There is not one truth

About the exhibition On Location

The exhibition On Location features art work depicting the Ngunguru Sandspit and its stakeholders and containing research she undertook when studying for her Master Fine Arts degree. The Outreach gallery will exhibit mainly drawings and watercolours and Te Studio will show art work in a variety of mediums, including paintings, sculptures and prints. There will also be a small display of the activities of Save Ngunguru Sandspit (aka Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society) whose main objectives include protecting and enhancing the sandspits ecological, cultural and historical assets for the benefit of the local and wider communities.

An important rationale for her work relates to environmental and socio-political issues. As a resident of Ngunguru (Northland, New Zealand) she is acutely aware of the various perspectives on the Ngunguru Sandspit, a very precious piece of coastal land which is under threat of speculative development. Locals are up in arms and want to protect this area with its unique history, fauna and flora from the developers. Emotionally involved as she may be (she is a resident of Ngunguru and a committee member of the Ngunguru Sandspit Protection Society), she still would like to honour the different realities of all stakeholders and attempt to convey a sense of impartiality.

A socio-psychological and humanistic rationale is her interest in the personal stories of people and how, on a deeper psychological level people tend to have more in common than they may want to admit. By zooming into mundane, everyday behaviours, she aims to create drawings and watercolours that reflect the different realities and dynamics, honour diversity, and at the same time reference some commonalities.

She endeavours to facilitate contemplation of different realities and personalities and encourage reflection on the relationships between people and place. Who knows, it may change the audience perceptions about themselves and their relations with others, resulting in new awareness of individual diversity and commonalities, tolerance and acceptance of different perspectives.

Contact details

Anneke Muijlwijk: home (09) 4343481; work (09) 4381525; 027 443 4484 This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Full story... (PDF, 1.8MB)

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