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Turning the Tide PDF Print
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Written by Gretchen Robertson and Monica Peters, NZ Landcare Trust   
Thursday, 02 September 2010

An Estuaries Toolkit for New Zealand Communities

"The kit firstly establishes the importance of estuaries as habitats worth caring about and then outlines how a community might be mobilised to establish a monitoring program in their district. The methods for such a program are then clearly described in workable ways without resort to expensive and complex analysis or testing. The result is an estuary ‘Warrant of Fitness’ check, with further guidance for groups who want to take their program to the next level. Finally the kit lists a wide range of educational resources, community case studies species descriptions and references."

Extract from a review written by:
Allan Smith, New Zealand Science Mathematics & Technology Fellow, Cawthron.

Full story...

An extract:

Why Care about Mud?

Estuaries are the point where streams and rivers rest momentarily as they contemplate their destiny amidst the great salty ocean. As the river lulls in its peaceful respite, it starts to unload its burden -- particles washed from the headwaters, foothills and plains of the surrounding catchment. These particles accumulate within the estuary as mementos of the river's journey. The health of the surrounding land very much affects the health of the estuary.

Estuaries are far more than just a geological process however! We New Zealanders love our estuaries! Estuaries have long been regarded as useful to humans as sheltered harbours and food gathering sites. It is no surprise that most large towns in New Zealand are built around them. Although we have recognised the benefits estuaries can provide, we have not realised our own strength in terms of our impacts upon them. With population increases and industrialisation our impacts have been ever intensifying.

Turning the tide, chapter 1: Introduction

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