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Edge of the Land - A New Vision PDF Print
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Articles - Ecology
Written by Wad Doak, Facebook   
Tuesday, 31 August 2010

As island dwellers we are extremely privileged: we share borders with no other country; the edge of the sea is our only boundary. Its problems are mainly of our own creation, and in solving them we have a responsibility to the whole planet. From an early age we are accustomed to making use of the sea for sport and recreation. Few New Zealanders would not cherish rich childhood memories of seaside holidays, tide pool magic, sun and surf, sand and mud. But as our population becomes increasingly urban, there is a danger that we are growing more and more insensitive to the degradation of the coastal environment. It is a sad fact that a new generation of children in our major cities has never seen the sea. Colour television and the backyard pool can never replace the imprint of sea and sky on young minds. If we are to avoid irreparable damage to our coast there must be a major effort to increase public awareness. We need new ways of thinking about the sea and fresh opportunities for enjoying its treasures.

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