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Written by Steve Marshall   
Wednesday, 24 August 2005

    Landco image of Ngunguru sandspit

  • LandCo has just started to feature Ngunguru on its website
    "A natural marine sandspit bounded by the Ngunguru River and Ngunguru Bay, this 118 hectare waterfront property offers the ultimate coastal experience. The sensitivity of the site is acknowledged, with environmental assessments presently being completed to ensure future development enhances the ecological and cultural heritage features of the land. Planning for an ecological-based development has commenced with public consultation underway."

  • Te Arai Beach Preservation Society— "We are a group of people that feel that the unique nature of Te Arai Beach and its surrounds should be conserved for our enjoyment and for the enjoyment of future generations."

  • Project Northland—Bayleys Real Estate markets itself as a one-stop carve-up shop; coming to a beach near you.
  • Bayleys removes the sandspit from its website listings, but retains its secure gated subdivision between Whangaumu Bay and Ngunguru. Also, check out the premium residential enclave at BreamTail.

    "The principal objective for the development of BreamTail has been to preserve the quality of its natural assets and make them available to a small group of owners to enjoy collectively, while allowing the public access in daylight through a marked walkway."

  • The New Zealand Coastal Society—Inaugurated in 1992 to promote and advance sustainable management of the coastal environment.

  • "Here you will find information about the Environmental Defence Society and its history. You will also find information on its main focus areas; Landscape Protection, Oceans and Coastal Environment, Climate Change and Energy, Water and the Resource Managment Act."


    Colour woodcut image of Hurricane Katrina's effects
  • "...53 percent of the U.S. population now lives along a coastline, and... ...the rate at which people are moving to the coast is larger than population growth. Much of the new development is right on the water’s edge, making beachfront communities extremely vulnerable to storms. On the Mississippi coast between Gulfport and Biloxi, the world’s largest man-made beach (60 miles long) is without sand dunes or salt marshes to deflect the brunt of hurricanes’ fury."
    Stormy Weather - E/The Environmental Magazine
  • "Gold Coast City has the highest dollar-value flood risk (as measured by insurance premiums) in Australia, given the high value per square metre of its resort and high-rise properties (which are built on a sandspit prone to inundation). A number of properties are uninsurable."
    Gold Coast City: An approach to planning for climate change
  • "There is a conflict between those who see growth as a means of increasing profit and those who care for the kind of society we will bequeath to future generations. How much coastline and seafront must be sacrificed for ever before we learn that, in issues of profit versus environment, environment must win?"
    Mike Moore, introducing the 1975 Coastal Moratorium and Management Bill, quoted in Concern About Coastal Development.

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